Our Firm


Confidentiality - The protection of confidential information is of extreme importance, especially in today's environment of identity theft.   We have always regarded our clients' information as personal and private.   We respect and protect your privacy and do not divulge your information to anyone outside our firm and certain vendors when required to facilitate our work (such as electronic filing of tax returns).

Quality - Much of the work done in public accounting is performed behind the scenes, which makes it difficult for others to judge the quality of the work.  Our experience has taught us that many shortcuts are taken by others in the interest of greater profits.  We wish there were more ways we could demonstrate the difference - unfortunately, reliance on any advisor or consultant is mostly a leap of faith.  Rest assured, we sincerely believe that Quality Makes the Difference and we do what it takes - go the extra mile - to insure that the services we provide are of the highest quality.

Timeliness - Most of our services are highly time sensitive and we understand that even the highest quality work is of little value if it is not performed timely.   We have highly sophisticated systems in place that assist us in monitoring the status of our projects and insuring their timely completion.



Sanford & Company was established in June of 1988 after the firm in which Joseph A. Sanford had practiced for eleven years merged with a larger firm.  As a result of that merger, the availability of high quality, truly client oriented services for small to mid-size businesses was diminished and Sanford & Company was formed to fill the void.

In January of 2000, we added our Mena office, which has three full-time staff.

In August of 2005, we added our Waldron office, which has one full-time and one part-time staff.



The firm's mission is to provide the finest possible service, in terms of technical competence and timeliness, to those individuals and businesses who demonstrate both a need for such service and a level of integrity that offers the opportunity for developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

We believe that our independence is a key element of our services.  Therefore, we avoid any business practices that might cast doubt on the firm's independence with respect to any client.  Activities such as selling products for a commission, recommending products in which the firm has a financial interest, accepting contingent fees, paying commissions for referrals and similar practices are not engaged in.

We strive to maintain a reputation of being one of the most capable and proficient firms in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.  We attempt to attract personnel with outstanding moral fiber and technical competence by offering the opportunity to practice their vocation in a truly professional environment that promotes the traditional values of home, family, health and hard work.